Medford, NJ. All Contents of Survivalist Prepper Home for Sale! 10/21 ONLY. - Medford Company Store
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Medford, NJ. All Contents of Survivalist Prepper Home for Sale! 10/21 ONLY.

Medford, NJ. All Contents of Survivalist Prepper Home for Sale! 10/21 ONLY.

9 Pinecrest Drive
Medford, NJ 08055
8AM – 4PM


Click here for more pics!

We ARE having a one day CLEAR OUT SALE at the house we’re all still talking about. Appliances, furniture, scrap, clothing, building supplies, landscape boulders and pavers, doors, bathroom fixtures – everything that is left is for sale.  This is for ONE DAY only. 


This house collection of survival goods is intended for bugging in, although there are loads of outdoor equipment for anyone whose plan is for bugging out when the SHTF at TEOTWAWKI. Ever thought of building a bomb shelter? We have an 8×8 lead bomb shelter that can be removed in sections. Please pass this along to your New Jersey, NY, PA, DE prepper acquaintances.

There has not been a catastrophe to use it, but the passion of survival and the collecting of items necessary for that was the inspiration for the design and construction of this home. It’s more than a home, really, for this owner – this Renaissance Man, and his late wife, who worked together fiercely to accomplish the building of a safe place. The house is art, the functionality is genius, the purpose humanitarian. You don’t find better people than Joe; although he’d say that’s because you didn’t meet his wife.

The house is large, much of it underground and there are outbuildings in the surround. The engineering is logical and the content is massive.

Larger items that we have to offer are coal-burning heating systems (for your disassembly) and 2 tons of coal, lose and bagged, 2 vinyl sheds, Amish made chicken coop, 100s of water collection barrels, hold back sand, washers/dryers, refrigerators, stoves and ovens, industrial cleaning supplies, PVC pipes and fittings, BULK – like Home Depot and BJs Wholesale. This doesn’t begin to account for what you will see for sale. Contents are suitable for normal daily use and for preppers and survivalists – bug in, bug out.

And there is art, and lots of furniture, men’s and women’s clothing, coats, footwear, coats, luggage, libraries, photographic equipment and too much more.

You will need flashlights, gloves, boxes – you will need a BUDDY – your purchases will need to get to your vehicle.
Please do not wear open-toed shoes; there are opportunities to trip throughout. IF YOU ARE BRINGING CHILDREN, please realize there are many places to fall, get lost, and there is an open pond on the premises. Your choice to attend is your own. We are not responsible for accidents. We will provide a floor plan to help guide you through the property.

We can’t guarantee seamless internet access, so if you bring cash instead of relying on CC, you’re more assured eating and shopping.

If you always wanted to know how to build a bomb shelter but were afraid to ask, we have an 8 x 8 lead bomb shelter for you to disassembled & moved to where ever you want to put it.

Contents includes: washers and dryers, washer/dryer units – some propane 2 vinyl sheds, Amish chicken coop, low-profile toilets – some still in boxes, refrigerators – some propane, kitchen cabinet,s Survivalist Library, thousands of pounds of dry food, lighting, electronics, tools, tools, tools, construction supplies and materials, power tools, plumbing supplies, welding supplies, canning supplies, lots of Coleman camping supplies, industrial cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, lumber, clear-cut cedar, scrap copper pipes and wire tool storage, pvc pipes and fittings, janitorial supplies, cases of paper goods, freezers, stoves, oven ranges, cooktops, gas masks, brand new blow up swimming pools – family size, small molded pools, outdoor cooking, bulk canned goods, snow blower, chipper, personal hygiene supplies in bulk, oil lamps, air conditioners, kerosene heaters, electric scooter, wheelchairs, rope & cable, filters, exhaust fans, ladders, coolers, automotive, office supplies, large office printer / copier, desks, chairs, computer desk, lamps, cast iron stoves, TVs, pots and pans, grandfathers clock, garden tools, bedrooms sets, mahogany dining room set, rugs, art, wood carvings, better men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, boots, outdoor clothing, knitting machine, home décor and collectibles, projection screens, meat slicer, meat grinder, coffee, coffee, coffee, tea, tea, tea, luggage, linens, audio, vinyl records, crafting supplies, antique sewing machines, Viking sewing machine, ceiling fans, kitchen island, thousands of pavers, landscape stones, boulders, concrete planters, garage door opener, glass top kitchen table with chairs, Old Coca-Cola cooler in original box, mid-century kitchen set, drafting tables, stools Ammunition room apparatus ( no guns or ammo), gun safes, fireproof safe, vintage cameras and equipment, large portable compartment safe, lots of outdoor Christmas decorations, vintage dolls, linens and bedding, books, books, books, 4 walls of shell window shades (entire circumference of home interior), toys, games, laundry detergents and much, much, much more.

Many items are in multiples, many are in cases. If you are a bulk buyer you should bring help. You will need flashlights, boxes, ropes or bungees – yes, we have them here or sale, but you can’t count on that.

Everything is for sale – EVERYTHING. Whatever is attached or assembled will be your responsibility to remove.
This property is overwhelming and we will do our best to make it easy for everyone. Please be patient. Please respect this owner’s home and his good intentions. Parking is going to be difficult, so please use logic.

Terms and Conditions:
Please understand we can not respond to calls, e-mails, texts, etc about merchandise and/or prices. Our sales are conducted on site.
Cash preferred- $25+ tax min for CC – no checks, ever.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL – merchandise is offered “as is, where it is”.
Please be prepared to remove and transport your purchases on the day of the sale.
We do NOT provide porters or delivery services.
We are not responsible for accidents.
Please don’t block driveways or mailboxes in the neighborhood.
It is always a good idea to have your own boxes and wrapping materials in your car.