Medford Company Store | Cherry Hill, NJ Estate Sales
This is such an eclectic household it is hard to describe. 
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Cherry Hill, NJ Estate Sale. 1/23 – 1/24

Cherry Hill, NJ Estate Sale. 1/23 – 1/24

SAT & SUN, 1/23 – 1/24
3 Ivy Lane
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


Click here for more pics and a video!

There is no content list at this time. This is such an eclectic household it is hard to describe. 

We REQUIRE appropriate masks or face coverings and the use of hand sanitizer. We always have both on-hand. Please expect to spend some time waiting because we MUST limit the number of people inside to comply with physical distancing recommendations. Please do your best to respect that outside also.


Tickets are distributed beginning at 7 AM

You must be present when your ticket number is called.
All sales final – merchandise is offered “as is, where it is”.
Please bring wrapping materials & boxes and keep them in your car until you need them to check out.
Please be prepared to remove and transport your purchases before the end of the sale. We do not offer delivery.
We accept Cash, Venmo, PayPal, and Credit Cards / Debit Cards (CC $25 min + tax) Please have small currency
No Checks, ever.
We are not responsible for accidents.
We do NOT have a public restroom.
Please do NOT block driveways and mailboxes in the neighborhood. Please respect the neighbors.