Medford Company Store | Medford, NJ Estate Sale Part 2. 11/30 & 12/1
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Medford, NJ Estate Sale Part 2. 11/30 & 12/1

Medford, NJ Estate Sale Part 2. 11/30 & 12/1

Fri. & Sat., 11/30 & 12/1
79 Eayrestown Road
Medford, NJ 08055 (NOT SOUTHAMPTON)
Directly across from Medford Nursery (NOT at Red Lion)
Friday: 8AM – 3PM
Saturday: 8AM – 3PM


Click here for more pics!

This sale is Part 2 of the sale we started earlier in November.  The earlier sale was strictly outside and in the garages. If you were here, you saw the house and you probably [plan to come back for Part. 2. This Weekend the sale will be inside the 3 story house and basement, and also outside, where we were last time. There is plenty left in the barnes and a WHOLE lot more ! We thank you on advance for your patience; this is not your average estate sale.

Antiques, Victorian, Storage Cabinets, car parts, Vintage Automobiles, Vintage Car Parts, 1930 Stutz Bearcat, Antique Farm Equipment, Metal Lathe, Wood Lathe, 20 Ton Trailer, Old Lumber, Pavers, Stained Glass Door and Windows, Period Furniture, Cast Iron , Griswold, Pots, Pans, Dishes, Old Textiles, Trains, Clocks, Lighting, Neo Classic Raised White Textured Wallpaper / Ceiling Paper, Curtain and Drapery Rods, foosball table, Mannequin, Roll Top Desk, Book Cases, Books, Books, Books, Costume Jewelry, Old Bottles, Glass Insulators, Vintage Children’s Toys, Books and Games, Vinyl, Milk Glass, Art and New and Old Ornate Picture Frames, Victorian Sink Base, Old and New Sporting Equipment, Mens and Ladies Clothing and Shoes, Sofa and Chaise, Leather Ottoman Coffee Table, Typewriter, Sewing Machines, Unusual Vintage Kitchen Table and wire chairs, Tchokies, Value Bags, Pots and Pans, Dishes, Silverware, Office Supplies, Antique Bed, Antiques Dressers, Large Ornate Vintage Armoirs, Soapstone Heater, Silver Plate, Dining Room Tables, Player Piano, Lots of New Toys / Giftable,  Antique Wicker Furniture, Antique Glass, Older textiles, Hess, Vintage Toys, Vintage Star Wars, Victorian Marble Sink.

The sale starts at 8 AM; tickets will be distributed starting at 7AM.

It is easiest to find this home via Rte 70 and Eayerstown Rd, by the Super Wawa. It is 1.6 mi from Rt 70. Coming from 70, you will cross New Freedom Rd and Church Rd. This home is directly across the street from Medford Nursery. Please park on THAT side of the road, not in front of the neighbors adjacent to the house. If you park in front of property belonging to #81, you will have to move your car.  We recommend wearing boots because you’ll be walking in mud if you shop outside. A flashlight is a good idea, and if you like to be prepared, bringing bags or boxes can only make it easier for you. We’ll see you soon !!!


Terms and Conditions:
Tickets distributed ONE HOUR PRIOR TO OPENING.
Please understand we can not respond to calls, e-mails, texts, etc about merchandise and/or prices.
Our sales are conducted on site.
No checks, ever.
Auto Sales are CASH ONLY.
Cash deposits on accepted offers are non-refundable.
All transactions will be completed within the dates of the sale event.
Merchandise is offered “as is, where it is”.
Please be prepared to remove and transport your purchases by the end of the sale.
We do NOT provide delivery services.
We are not responsible for accidents.
Please don’t block driveways or mailboxes in the neighborhood.
We do not provide a public restroom.